Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stop food cravings and learn where they came from..the real deal

I am a food lover but I needed to stop food cravings that were taking over my life. The problem as most of you know is that I was 25 or 30 pounds over weight and had borderline diabetes. When the medications got me sicker I vowed to reverse this crap naturally. Those who have followed this site know I love food and that is not going to change. I did learn to stop food cravings and learned a lot about myself from a very powerful report

I have completely reversed my diabetes drug free and those who have been with this site know that it took me over 1 year to find a diet that worked. I use The Spirit Happy diet and it worked for me but this post is not about that. When I first heard about how over 500 people stopped a food addiction on their own by finding the root cause of the addiction I thought this is not for me. I am a real guy and this sounded like something from Oprah or worst Dr.Phil. But I did need help to stop the food cravings so I checked it out.

Those who know this site know that will turn myself into a human guinea pig to see what works. Well, I was shocked when I learned a lot about myself from the report. I found my own clues to where my food addiction started. In short it worked. I am now under no guilt when I eat and have learned why I have a food addiction. I eat what I want when I want and I still stop the craving. This is a VERY deep report and some of it is very sad or shocking but I guarantee you will learn where and how to stop food cravings.

Those who want to check it out can see it HERE stop food cravings

This is a very strong report but that is how I like it

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