Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting help for being overweight is one thing bullying is another

Overweight help and idiots: I am sadden to report a recent story of a 10 year old little girl who was being bullied for being overweight. She was called slut and ugly, all at age 10. This weekend she killed herself. If we can think back maybe we can remember how important it was to be “liked” when we were in school. Maybe we were teased or maybe we were the idiots who bullied others. Overweight help issues are not resolved by people who make fun of you. Bullies do this because they are simply not raise correctly. This can produce evil children or adults.

There are evil children and adults make no mistakes about it. I am sorry but those who know me and this site know that I will tell it like it is. There are evil children who persecute other children. I can remember a girl who was tormented day and night when I was a kid of about 8. She was literally beaten and chased daily and I will never forget it!

I wish I could go back and do something but it is too late. I have been overweight most of my life but I am also the football player type so no one ever picked on me. It was my adult borderline diabetes that got me to address my overweight help issues.

The little girl I mentioned at the top of this article killed herself over this weekend. Her grandmother and sitter told how she begged to be home schooled but no one listened. We often tell the children it will be OK, go back to school. There are children who are evil who come from evil parents, they continue the cycle of abuse on others. If you are overweight and need help those who read this site know how I reversed both issues(just read the posts here)

As for the girl who committed suicide. I pray she is in God's rest away from the evil people that many of us are forced to go to school and work with.

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