Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting help for being overweight is one thing bullying is another

Overweight help and idiots: I am sadden to report a recent story of a 10 year old little girl who was being bullied for being overweight. She was called slut and ugly, all at age 10. This weekend she killed herself. If we can think back maybe we can remember how important it was to be “liked” when we were in school. Maybe we were teased or maybe we were the idiots who bullied others. Overweight help issues are not resolved by people who make fun of you. Bullies do this because they are simply not raise correctly. This can produce evil children or adults.

There are evil children and adults make no mistakes about it. I am sorry but those who know me and this site know that I will tell it like it is. There are evil children who persecute other children. I can remember a girl who was tormented day and night when I was a kid of about 8. She was literally beaten and chased daily and I will never forget it!

I wish I could go back and do something but it is too late. I have been overweight most of my life but I am also the football player type so no one ever picked on me. It was my adult borderline diabetes that got me to address my overweight help issues.

The little girl I mentioned at the top of this article killed herself over this weekend. Her grandmother and sitter told how she begged to be home schooled but no one listened. We often tell the children it will be OK, go back to school. There are children who are evil who come from evil parents, they continue the cycle of abuse on others. If you are overweight and need help those who read this site know how I reversed both issues(just read the posts here)

As for the girl who committed suicide. I pray she is in God's rest away from the evil people that many of us are forced to go to school and work with.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Stop food cravings and learn where they came from..the real deal

I am a food lover but I needed to stop food cravings that were taking over my life. The problem as most of you know is that I was 25 or 30 pounds over weight and had borderline diabetes. When the medications got me sicker I vowed to reverse this crap naturally. Those who have followed this site know I love food and that is not going to change. I did learn to stop food cravings and learned a lot about myself from a very powerful report

I have completely reversed my diabetes drug free and those who have been with this site know that it took me over 1 year to find a diet that worked. I use The Spirit Happy diet and it worked for me but this post is not about that. When I first heard about how over 500 people stopped a food addiction on their own by finding the root cause of the addiction I thought this is not for me. I am a real guy and this sounded like something from Oprah or worst Dr.Phil. But I did need help to stop the food cravings so I checked it out.

Those who know this site know that will turn myself into a human guinea pig to see what works. Well, I was shocked when I learned a lot about myself from the report. I found my own clues to where my food addiction started. In short it worked. I am now under no guilt when I eat and have learned why I have a food addiction. I eat what I want when I want and I still stop the craving. This is a VERY deep report and some of it is very sad or shocking but I guarantee you will learn where and how to stop food cravings.

Those who want to check it out can see it HERE stop food cravings

This is a very strong report but that is how I like it

Monday, November 14, 2011

How I lost weight? I did what skinny people did and so can you

Here is the secret how I lost weight (25 pounds). Many who have read this site know already but I still get questions so here you go. The secret to all weight loss is getting sensitive insulin; this is what skinny people have… sensitive insulin. Overweight people who hold fat like me have very stubborn insulin. How I lost weight? I got sensitive insulin like thin people have. You can to and I am going to show you how I did it

First, avoid Weight Watcher and the big name diets. They are not based on good Science. In fact, over 50% of people on Weight watchers drop out. Next, Doctors are clueless about weight loss like everybody else. My doctor was heavier than I was and was telling me to drop the pounds. I remember standing outside of the hospital on lunch break and all the doctors were overweight and smoking with the nurses. How I lost weight was revealed by Science not doctors or TV commercials.

(It is simple if you can find a diet that can do this)

Thin people have sensitive insulin so they can eat whatever they want and they drop fat fast. They do not have to diet. Kids also have sensitive insulin and most teenagers. People like me who look at food and get fat have stubborn and lazy insulin. This is how I got Type 2 diabetes and how this site was started long ago.

Those who know me know I tried 7 diets and they all failed. The last diet caused me to lost fat fast. I did not know how it was working at first, and then I found out! This is how I lost weight; the specialized diabetes diet gave me sensitive insulin like skinny people. You do not have to have diabetes for this to work says Science. I suddenly dropped 25 pounds without trying. Those who have read this site know I am real! I do not promote anything that does not work. This is my how I lost weight story. I did it like a thin person. commercial diets cannot give you sensitive insulin but the specialized diabetes diet did.

Those who want to stick to the TV commercial diets it is up to you but the Scientific Specialized diabetes diet save my life. Those want to try it can see it here CLICK HERE HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT

**ps.People keep askng me can they use it if they do not have diabetes and I tell them it is safe for all and all natural**

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to stop a food addiction

I had a food addiction and still love food very much. I am never going to be a skinny guy but this problem did take over much of my life. I ate all the time and was about 25 pounds over weight. I did not realize I was really addicted to food until I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I have learn how to stop a food addiction( I will tell you what I did later in this post).The biggest problem is learning there is a problem

I love late night snacks. Cookies,cake,ice cream. I will not be denied my snacks even today but I needed to learn how to stop an addiction to the stuff. The first thing I learned was that my problem was rooted in emotional issues even though I love food. This may be difficult to discover as we usually just blame ourselves for being a pig with food. I use to beat myself up all the time for overdoing the late night snacks, especially when the commercials with the guys with the flat stomachs would come on. Food is great but a food addiction is not.

I discovered that there are millions who suffered from this just like me. One of the things I learned was that willpower does not work. I am a strong willed person but it was no match for Little Debbie's and doughnuts in bed. I learned the root cause of my addiction was from emotional issues. I also discovered almost 90% with a food addiction has an emotional issue in the past or present. This is the report that help me learn about me CLICK HERE FOOD ADDICTION

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Diet for Diabetic Overweight: Should the diabetic diet battle the overweight issue first?

For those who have asked me should people diet to stop the diabetic or overweight problem first. (Basically I am asked which should people address first the diabetes or the weight problem) At this point I think we should take a look at how both affect the body. Obesity is horrible, it causes a host of problems in the body. A diet for Diabetic overweight conditions would be best but let's break it up into two for now.

Studies show that being even 10 pound overweight causes the heart to work harder. The heart takes a beating while beating(funny but true)

Any excessive weight is added stress to the body organs and this can cause you big trouble. That pain in the chest or shortness of breath is no joke. It must be taken seriously. If you are some what out of breath when walking up a flight of steps(without hurrying up the steps) it can mean the heart is not up for the battle. Often weight gain comes with clogged arteries and this a can also cause shortness of breath. The heart is an amazing creation from the Creator and we often take it for granted until it stops beating correctly. Fat also hurts you liver and kidneys. We could go on about the issues of weight gain but lets switch over to diabetes

Diet for Diabetic Overweight: Which to deal with first?

Diabetes is a whole different situation, here we are taking about an illness where high blood sugar damages every cell of the body, the powerful high glucose rips through the body and cause lost of legs, heart disease, damaged kidneys and impotence. There is diabetic comas and heart attacks. You simply cannot live long with this high glucose, it is the worst! Both weight gain and high blood sugar ruin the body but diabetes may be the worst complete illness of our time, the body cannot handle excess blood sugar . You must reverse it!

Diet for Diabetic Overweight: Which First? My diabetes diet does both, I lost 25 pounds without knowing it on my current diet. I also have a normal blood sugar for the last 7 months. So to answer the question I think to save your life you better get a normal blood sugar level fast! The people who lose body parts are those who wait and leave the high glucose in the system for too long.

My diet works for me BUT I do not know if you will have the same results. It is used by thousands in Europe

I cannot guarantee you will have the same results as me but it does work for me. Those interested can try it here CLICK HERE DIET FOR DIABETIC OVERWEIGHT

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Online diet plans to lose weight: What to look for in an online diet plan to lose weight

Online diet plans to lose weight: What to look for in an online diet plan to lose weight

With so many online diets plans to lose weight available it is important to know what you are looking for in the diet plan. You will be hit by an onslaught of different diets all guaranteeing that theirs is the best. I tried 6 diet plans before I found one that actually worked well. I will first try to help you know what to look for when seeking online diet plans to lose weight. Not knowing can cost you a lot of time and trouble.

Why all the confusion?

I must say that first of all most dieting information is a complete waste of time. These diets all promise you the sky but deliver very little. Here is my story, I was a typical male 25 pounds overweight with borderline diabetes. I needs to lose the pound to save my body. I will describe what I learned from trying 6 popular diets.

1. I suggest you avoid the popular diets. Weight watchers, South Beach, Dukan are all based on bad science and will not have you losing the pounds for long. What I discovered is that these diets are what is called hook diets. These are diets where you need to eat their food or are forever reliant on THEIR plan. Online diet plans to lose weight can cost you big time if you go with these diets. One of these popular plans told me they would basically be picking my food for me for the rest of my life! I SAY NO WAY!

2. The next important step is cost, I know that health should not take a back seat to cost but what some of these plans offered was ridiculous, I did the math and most of the popular plans will cost you about 2,000 dollars a year. They hook you with their recipes and cookbooks etc...

3. The most important aspect of picking online diet plans to lose weight is “Does it work” I can say that the diets all work a little in the begin but it is a bit of a trick. The weight loss is “false water weight” not real fat. This water weight returns quickly (less than a month). This is where they blame you for cheating and not following the dieting they outlined. At times they will even go further and say you did not exercise. My current diet plan works and I do not do any exercise.

After trying so many diets I learned how to lose weight by mistake. My Borderline diabetes diet was healing me and I lost 25 pounds without trying and eating what I liked. I did not know that blood sugar is the cause of belly fat in all people not just diabetics. As I healed my body the weight just came off on my diet plan. I learned how to do it and I am not stuck with the plan, they taught me how to lose weight and it is up to ME to keep the weight off. This I like!

My Online diet plans to lose weight is the Spirit Happy Diet and it worked for me, you can find your own diet or you can try the one I tried that worked. I cannot guarantee The Spirit Happy Diet Diet will work for you but it did for me. SEE HERE online diet plans to lose weight


Diabetes chest pain and tightness was one of the scary things I experienced before I learned how to reverse this illness. It is important to realize the reason for the pains you are having. This is a sign that the heart may be affected. What so sad is many people with diabetes do not know is that the heart is deeply affected by high blood sugar. Diabetes chest pain and tightness may be the last warning sign before a coming heart attack.

The road to a heart attack from high blood sugar

When I was a diabetic I would frequently get pains in my chest and I did not know this was from high blood sugar. I later discovered that High blood sugar causes the arteries to the heart to tighten and this can mean a coming heart attack. Shortness of breath and trouble breathing can also be your warning sign. There is no other illness like diabetes it is horrible, it takes over every cell of the body. Diabetes chest pain and tightness may be the last warning sign before a coming heart attack.

***Very Important: If you are on Actos or Metformin the medications can also cause chest pains and heart attacks. When I was on Actos my feet were swollen like balloons, I later discovered the drug was hurting my heart. Actos is linked to heart failure. The diabetes drug Avandia caused direct heart attacks and they had to payback billions in damages from deaths. Diabetic heart attack use to be blamed exclusively on the illness until it was discovered the medications were cause the heart attack in some people. ***

This is why diabetes medications are absolutely not needed. I reversed my diabetes without any medications just from the right healing diet. If you have diabetes chest pain or tightness it may be the sign that you need to do something fast. There is no need for diabetic medications for Type 2 Diabetes. As my body healed on the right blood sugar healing diet I did not need any medications. First, find the right healing diabetic diet, you do not have to use the one I use but it has reversed diabetes in thousands


You do not have to use the diet I use but do find a proven healing diabetes diet.