Monday, November 14, 2011

How I lost weight? I did what skinny people did and so can you

Here is the secret how I lost weight (25 pounds). Many who have read this site know already but I still get questions so here you go. The secret to all weight loss is getting sensitive insulin; this is what skinny people have… sensitive insulin. Overweight people who hold fat like me have very stubborn insulin. How I lost weight? I got sensitive insulin like thin people have. You can to and I am going to show you how I did it

First, avoid Weight Watcher and the big name diets. They are not based on good Science. In fact, over 50% of people on Weight watchers drop out. Next, Doctors are clueless about weight loss like everybody else. My doctor was heavier than I was and was telling me to drop the pounds. I remember standing outside of the hospital on lunch break and all the doctors were overweight and smoking with the nurses. How I lost weight was revealed by Science not doctors or TV commercials.

(It is simple if you can find a diet that can do this)

Thin people have sensitive insulin so they can eat whatever they want and they drop fat fast. They do not have to diet. Kids also have sensitive insulin and most teenagers. People like me who look at food and get fat have stubborn and lazy insulin. This is how I got Type 2 diabetes and how this site was started long ago.

Those who know me know I tried 7 diets and they all failed. The last diet caused me to lost fat fast. I did not know how it was working at first, and then I found out! This is how I lost weight; the specialized diabetes diet gave me sensitive insulin like skinny people. You do not have to have diabetes for this to work says Science. I suddenly dropped 25 pounds without trying. Those who have read this site know I am real! I do not promote anything that does not work. This is my how I lost weight story. I did it like a thin person. commercial diets cannot give you sensitive insulin but the specialized diabetes diet did.

Those who want to stick to the TV commercial diets it is up to you but the Scientific Specialized diabetes diet save my life. Those want to try it can see it here CLICK HERE HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT

**ps.People keep askng me can they use it if they do not have diabetes and I tell them it is safe for all and all natural**

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