Friday, August 12, 2011

What foods should a Diabetic avoid? : Borderline Diabetes food to eat

What food (Foods) should a Borderline diabetic eat or avoid? This week there was a new health study that showed that the consumption of Hot Dogs could lead to diabetes. I am so thankful for my new diet plan that has given me a normal blood sugar for now half a year! I have learned how to eat to eliminate diabetes. What food should a borderline diabetic avoid or eat? The answer is in the healing. The average sugar free diet is a total failure and will not reverse your high blood sugar.

What is up with the Hot Dogs?

The problem is not really the Hot Dogs but the chemicals that create these processed foods. Meats like Hot Dogs and Bacon come with some very dangerous chemicals. When these meats are cooked the chemicals become even more damaging to the body. Does this mean that you cannot eat Hot Dogs and Bacon as a diabetic? Yes you can eat Hot Dogs! You can eat Hot Dogs and Bacon but you better have a healing diet that can remove all the crap chemicals that are in the food. What foods should a diabetic avoid or borderline diabetic eat? The answer is to find a healing diet! NOT A SUGAR FREE DIET

I was an average food loving guy with no health problems, I was about 20 pounds overweight. There is no history of diabetes in my family but I was shocked to discover I had Type 2 diabetes. In less than a week I was in a Pharmacy picking up the first prescriptions I ever had in my life.

Avoid Diabetic Medications

I will not go into the story of how the medications hurt my body but I will tell you that you can reverse this illness drug free. I have a steady Ac1 of 6.0 and Blood sugar of 86. I have held this for about have a year on my current healing diet. I am no better than anyone else, I am certain that anyone can do this when they learn how to eat to beat diabetes. The problem is that doctors often are quick to medicated. To be honest the average doctor does not know how to reverse diabetes. Doctors are trained to medicate not to do natural healing. I do not know if my diet will work for you as it does for me.

My current diet may be seen here. Click here what foods should a diabetic avoid

I do not know how it will work for you but it educated me on healing myself. Whether you try the diet I use or not, please do find a natural diabetes diet and skip the drugs.

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