Saturday, August 13, 2011

Diabetes dizziness: “I feel Dizzy” how the right diet can stop diabetic dizzy fast

Diabetes dizziness and the “I feel dizzy” feeling is scary, it was one of the first signs that I experienced when I was diagnosed with Borderline diabetes. There are diabetic signs that get you a message that something is seriously wrong and dizziness was my sign. I was walking as I normally do and then I felt like I was going to fall down or pass out. “I feel dizzy” was what I said to myself as I tried to make it to a park bench.

The danger of diabetic imbalance

There have been many diabetics that have fallen on the street and some have hit their heads and died. There are diabetic who have lost control of the wheel of a car and caused major accidents and even deaths. Dizziness is always a sign of imbalance and that is what is happening to the person with high blood sugar. The body can sometimes suddenly drop blood sugar low and you can get dizzy. This is why the right diet is critical to the diabetic. What you want is complete balance in the body. “I feel Dizzy” means that there is no balance. Maybe the blood sugar is soaring too high or maybe it has suddenly dropped to fast? The bottom line is you need healing and to get the balance back in the body.

Diabetic medications often drop the blood sugar too low or do not lower it much at all. Medications are a dangerous game to play with blood sugar. The bottom line is you need a healing diet that can give you a steady blood sugar. This is what medications have a hard time doing plus they harm the body. You will never get the right weight and lose the fat until you get a steady blood sugar.

My first experience with “Diabetes I feel dizzy” was very scary, I was alone and almost fainted out in public. Today my blood sugar is 100 percent normal for the last six month and without dizziness.

I learned to heal the body with my current natural drug free diet. My diet works for me, I do not know if it will work for you but the one that works for me may be seen here CLICK HERE DIABETES I FEEL DIZZY

Regardless of which diet you use do find one that heals the blood sugar problem. The Spirit Happy Diet has taught me how to heal my body but if you like you can find your own diet. Make sure your diet can heal as mine has done for me. I warn you,take the diabetes dizzy feel very seriously.

Take Care

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