Sunday, August 14, 2011

Has anybody reversed their Pre diabetes? What I learned when I reversed Pre Diabetes

The first question I had was “Has anybody reversed their pre diabetes” This was my first question when I started down the road to healing my pre diabetic condition naturally. One of the most shocking things I discovered way that there were very few people who had actually cured their high blood sugar. I asked “Has anybody reversed their Pre diabetes” and I got a big fat zero in responses online.

The Journey down the natural healing path

I embarked on the road to natural healing by trying various “Natural cure diets” Almost all of them were a complete failure. They all started with the same advice which was the elimination of sugar. I later discovered that these diets did nothing to help my situation. My Ac1 level was high and so was my Blood Sugar. I have tried 7 naturally diets and made myself a human guinea pig. My last diet finally works and I am no longer diabetic. Now when someone asks me “Has anybody reversed their diabetes I have an answer and that answer is a big yes. My advice is that you do not have to use my diet. My diet works for me and gives me a normal blood sugar but you have to try it for yourself. My diet THE SPIRIT HAPPY DIET

The biggest lesson I learned

The biggest lesson I learned was that healing is the key to reversing pre diabetes or borderline diabetes. This is the main lesson that I learned at Spirit Happy. I can see now that the first 6 diabetes diets did not have any healing in them and this is why they failed. The typical sugar free diet is not enough to cure or reverse diabetes. I am now more educated about diabetes and find learning about it fun. I am very much an average male, I love food and drink. I love fast food and Milk shakes. I eat chocolate cake and carrot cake and still keep a normal blood sugar level. Has anybody reversed their pre diabetes? Yes... I have and I can say the right diet can literally save your life SEE HERE borderline diabetes diet

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