Monday, August 15, 2011

Type 2 Diabetes how many Carbs per day? The lies about Carbs in Diet

Type 2 Diabetes how many carbs per day is causing a lot of confusion in people seeking a healthy diet. One of the problems with the health establishment is the demonizing of certain foods. The lies continue every day when it comes to diabetic foods. The biggest lie that was spread for almost 40 year is that sugar caused high blood sugar. Type 2 Diabetes how many carbs per day questions have also been causing confusion.

Understand for once and for all Carbs are not bad

The oldest most staple food group since the beginning of time is carbs. Vegetables, fruit and Grain are all healthy and they are also carbs. The healthy foods on earth are probably carbohydrates. The lack of carbs is why the diabetic is always weak and tired. The health gurus of today are a bunch of clowns. The lies are outrageous and they leave people worst off than when they started.

What the health gurus of today want you to believe is that carbs were fine for the last 6,000 years and then like magic carbs turned bad in the in 1990's

Type 2 Diabetes how many carbs per day questions are popping up all over the internet. This is due to the fact that people have bought the lies that carbs are the enemy.

I have reversed my diabetes for the last six months plus I eat and love carbs. With all the low carbs diets on the market today diabetes continues to blast higher. Obesity is also rising as the people realize that eliminating carbs are not the answer to reversing diabetes. My diet plan has reversed my diabetes and I eat what I like, I have discovered that healing is the missing element in these sugar free and Carbs free diets. Type 2 Diabetes how many carbs per day? Unfortunately this is the wrong question and it comes with bad answers.

My Diabetes diet worked for me but I cannot guarantee it will work for you. I love it but everyone is different. It may be seen here diabetic overweight

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