Tuesday, August 16, 2011


There are many people asking “ I am a Diabetic, now what?” You can reverse this says a new scientific health study. Diabetes is a growing illness, it is now affecting over 25 million people in the United States. This is an incredible number of people who are living with this illness. This is not an illness to play with... it kills! If you are saying “I am a diabetic now what?” Think natural reversal. I am glad I did.

Diabetes sneakily takes over the body

High blood sugar is not a good thing, it must be understood exactly what high blood sugar does in the body. Glucose is natural and good but when the levels are high it is a destroying poison in the body. This is why people lose their kidneys and legs. Many people with this illness will have to have their legs cut off due to the damaging effect of high blood sugar. The diabetic often will experience blurry vision as the blood glucose destroys the small vessels of the eyes. There is not one place in the body that the high blood sugar is not affecting. This is why the diabetic ages faster and dies in pain. If you are asking “ I am a diabetic now what?” think quick and swift natural reversal

What diets work and what does not work

A recent study in France showed that the rise in diabetes in part has been due to the failure of the typical sugar free diet. A sugar free diet has never reversed or cured anyone’s diabetes. The research showed that the average diabetes diet does not heal anything and this is why the diets do not work. I tried 6 natural diets that all failed then my 7th has given me a normal blood sugar for 6 months with NO DIABETES. My diet has reversed my diabetes in 4 weeks, I do not know if it will work for you but it works great for me. CLICK HERE I AM A DIABETIC NOW WHAT?

You do not have to use my diet but it does work like a charm for me, the key is healing the body. Take care and reverse it

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