Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reverse or Cure Borderline Diabetes with Diet in Canada, England and USA

I am living proof that you can reverse or cure borderline diabetes. In Canada, England and the USA high blood sugar is a crisis. What I have learned from my diet plan is that high blood sugar is a disease that will be given to the people due to food chemicals. You literally have to learn how to beat the illness. To reverse or cure borderline diabetes is doable, I am living proof. In the USA, Canada and England diabetes has spread like wild fire, it is clear that something is wrong with the food.

Do not believe the nonsense that you have given yourself diabetes by stuffing your mouth with Big Macs every night. This is complete nonsense. I was about 20 pounds overweight and was a typical guy who loved food but nothing extreme. I discovered I was diabetic when I knew something was not right in my body. I was often dizzy and thirsty. I had tingling toes and fingers. I discovered my blood sugar was about 150 and Ac1 9.0

Reverse/Cure Diabetes with Diet or with Medications?

To my new readers, I must admit that I did not know I could reverse diabetes without drugs. I was given Actos (a very bad diabetic drug) and it almost ruined my heart. The purpose of this post is to inform the reader that you do not need medications for Type 2 Diabetes. In the critical countries affected by diabetes like England, Canada, USA and Australia please become aware that a specialized diet is all you need. Every time I hear about the danger of another diabetic blood sugar medication I feel sad because I also use to take these horrible drugs. I am now 6 month free of all diabetes and very grateful. I learned the hard way by trying 6 different natural diets before my current one (which works great for me) The right Borderline Diabetes diet can literally save your life


The drugmakers spend millions and have doctors ready to get you to swallow their medications but we as a people can spread the word we do not need their drugs to cure or reverse Borderline diabetes

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