Monday, August 8, 2011

Pre Diabetes Ac1: How to get a normal diabetic Ac1 Level

How to get a normal Ac1 level should be the goal of not just diabetics but all people. A normal blood sugar level can mean the difference between life and death. There is a blood sugar problem epidemic that has swept much of the world. The affects are deadly and life altering. This is not an illness to toy with. How to get a normal Ac1 level? Is a question that millions are now asking. It is important to know what high glucose does not destroy the body.

High Blood sugar is an invading enemy

High sugar is a poison in the body. The cells of the body are eating away be the extreme high level of blood sugar. Diabetic blood sugar levels must be recognized as a poison in the body. As the high level of glucose circulates it is painfully taking away the function of the body. The diabetic may go blind as the damage circulates through the small eye vessels. How to get a normal Ac1 is a critical question. Millions of diabetics have had their legs removed due to the death of the legs from the blood sugar.

What Science revealed about the Pre Diabetes diet

Scientist have studied the why the typical diabetes diet does not work. Heath researchers in Greece have discovered that the failure of the sugar free diet is that it does not heal the illness. Avoiding sugar has never reversed anybody's diabetes. The Diabetic has an insulin problem not a sugar problem. How to get a normal Ac1 level? The answer is healing the illness

Mu diet is giving me a normal blood sugar level. It works for me without drugs. I cannot say it will work for you but it has given me a normal Blood sugar for months. SEE HERE normal Ac1

I just follow it to the letter and it is working

Again, It works for me but I cannot say it will work for you. Either way do find a natural diet that can reverse your Ac1 and avoid the drugs

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