Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What can I do to lose weight? How I lost 25 pounds by mistake

I am not an expert but I was asked by a reader “What can I do to lose weight”. I have lost 20 pounds quickly and healthfully and many people have written to me asking how I did it. To those who read this blog regularly you know that I was about 20-25 pounds overweight, I had borderline diabetes and needed to lose the fat. I thought “What can I do to lose weight? But the answers were not coming. I discovered the secret to my weight loss by mistake.

Avoid the popular Diets they do not work

My first advice is to avoid the popular diets, Weight Watchers,South Beach,17 day diet and Dukan are all a waste of time. These diets try to hook you for life as a consumer. If these diets worked so well why is there still just a huge obesity crisis worldwide? I am an average guy who was not obese, I like food and I like to eat. I looked pretty normal in my clothes with maybe a little belly but nothing huge. My first thought was reversing my borderline diabetes not what can I do to lose weight. I discovered how to lose weight when my diabetic medications almost killed me. Drugs are garbage and learned that healing the body with diet is fun and better.

I tried 6 different popular diets and they all failed. The big commercial diets are the worst and I say AVOID THEM, they are popular because they spend millions on advertisements not because they work. My diabetes diet (number 7..hey I didn’t give up until one worked) works well and I have a normal blood sugar going on 7 months. What I did not realize was that I was losing weight without trying, as my body healed the weight came off. I am now a firm believer that when you heal the body the weight comes off easy, this is what happened to me. My current diet plan teaches me to heal the body first and the weight comes off. What can I do to lose weight? The question was answered for me without me trying. I eat Pizza, Hotdogs,Chocolate Cake,Carrot cake..etc. I eat no “Diabetic cakes or diabetic foods” only real food and I have a normal Ac1 and blood sugar now. I have also lost 25 pounds. To the thousands who read this site I say the right diet plan will change your life

The lesson is clear when you heal the body right the weight melts off easily. As always, I end my posts saying you can try my diet plan, it worked for me but I do not know if it will work for you


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