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I wasted my time looking for a Borderline diabetic diet plan (6 failed) then I found one that worked. I was a bit over weight about 20 pounds and was diagnosed with borderline diabetes then I found a plan that reversed my illness. I will focus this post as to why the other 6 diets did nothing to help my condition. It was clear me that I was out of shape but I was not in bad condition at all. The right borderline diabetic diet plan did help me reverse the illness without drugs

What we can learn from the 6 diets that did not work

When I was first diagnosed I did all the things I was supposed to do and it failed! I was first put on medications that did me more harm than good. Medications do bring a small temporary lowering of blood sugar but they also ruin your body. I was on Actos and Metformin and both are dangerous medications. What I did not know at the times was that both of these medications cause swollen legs and feet. The cause of this is that both of these drugs hurt your heart. Actos has long been linked to ruining your heart; it also causes chest pains and heart failure. My feet were swollen like balloons. At the time I did not know the right borderline diabetic diet plan could reverse diabetes without medications

My 6 diets all failed… Then a break through

My doctor gave me my first diabetes cook book. It was a total failure; I followed all the recipes and not a change in my blood sugar level. Most diabetes books are crap. The recipes are for people who have a personal chef not the average working guy as I am! I tried so many recipes and my blood sugar problem got worst. All of the recipes were sugar free stuff that did not make a single difference in my condition. I had a higher blood sugar level after weeks on these diets. My current diet works because it taught me how to heal my body! I eat cake, pizza, and what I like. The failure of the big six borderline diabetic diet plan or plans was the fact that they did not heal the root cause of my illness. I am now very outspoken about the failure of the sugar free standard diet given to a diabetic.

I say in every post that I do not know if my diet will work for you but it has given me a normal blood sugar for half a year without drugs. I also eat what I want not what others tell me to eat. Regardless of weather you try the diet I use or not do find a healing diabetic plan not the normal sugar free crap.

These interested may see the diet that works for me CLICK HERE borderline diabetic plan

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