Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am Pre diabetic: Why you need to lose the Pre Diabetic Recipes and reverse this illness

I received an email today stating “I am Pre diabetic, help need recipes” You can reverse this illness without any diabetic foods. I did it and will not stop telling people that they can do it to. Diabetic foods are the worst and they will not help you reverse the illness. I am particularly moved when I hear someone has borderline diabetes(as I did). Today “ I am Pre Diabetic..recipes needed” was my first email. I wrote a post about this last week but I thought it was necessary to make this post clearer.

You want REAL food to heal not diabetic food

The first thing people must do is lose the diabetic foods and recipes. This is the wrong way to approach the illness. There are only healing foods and non healing foods. I learned this from my diet plan that has left me free of diabetes for now 7 months. The diabetic food makers profit millions while not curing you of the illness. When someone is borderline diabetic I urge them to reverse the illness fast and not to fall into the “I am Pre diabetic need recipes” mentality. This will keep you hooked for life as a diabetic. Type 2 Diabetes is 100 percent reversible and I am live proof of this.

When My doctor first told me I was diabetic I was shocked and sad. I hated the label diabetic. I was told “Don't worry, many people live with this illness” Thank God I learned I do not have to “live” with this illness. If your doctor has not told you this in 100 percent reversible then get a new doctor. The “I am Pre diabetic need recipes” mentality will keep you hooked on the medications and the belief that you must have this illness for life. I have reversed my diabetes for now 7 months with a normal Ac1 level and normal blood sugar level. My diet plan taught me “How” to heal the illness and eat like a normal person “No diabetic foods”! Just real foods that gives a normal blood sugar. The answer is to heal the body and the illness goes away.

You can try my diet plan that worked for me or you can find your own, but the key is to heal the body not a sugar free diet. Those interested can see my diet here Pre diabetic recipes

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