Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Diabetes chest pain and tightness was one of the scary things I experienced before I learned how to reverse this illness. It is important to realize the reason for the pains you are having. This is a sign that the heart may be affected. What so sad is many people with diabetes do not know is that the heart is deeply affected by high blood sugar. Diabetes chest pain and tightness may be the last warning sign before a coming heart attack.

The road to a heart attack from high blood sugar

When I was a diabetic I would frequently get pains in my chest and I did not know this was from high blood sugar. I later discovered that High blood sugar causes the arteries to the heart to tighten and this can mean a coming heart attack. Shortness of breath and trouble breathing can also be your warning sign. There is no other illness like diabetes it is horrible, it takes over every cell of the body. Diabetes chest pain and tightness may be the last warning sign before a coming heart attack.

***Very Important: If you are on Actos or Metformin the medications can also cause chest pains and heart attacks. When I was on Actos my feet were swollen like balloons, I later discovered the drug was hurting my heart. Actos is linked to heart failure. The diabetes drug Avandia caused direct heart attacks and they had to payback billions in damages from deaths. Diabetic heart attack use to be blamed exclusively on the illness until it was discovered the medications were cause the heart attack in some people. ***

This is why diabetes medications are absolutely not needed. I reversed my diabetes without any medications just from the right healing diet. If you have diabetes chest pain or tightness it may be the sign that you need to do something fast. There is no need for diabetic medications for Type 2 Diabetes. As my body healed on the right blood sugar healing diet I did not need any medications. First, find the right healing diabetic diet, you do not have to use the one I use but it has reversed diabetes in thousands


You do not have to use the diet I use but do find a proven healing diabetes diet.

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