Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Online diet plans to lose weight: What to look for in an online diet plan to lose weight

Online diet plans to lose weight: What to look for in an online diet plan to lose weight

With so many online diets plans to lose weight available it is important to know what you are looking for in the diet plan. You will be hit by an onslaught of different diets all guaranteeing that theirs is the best. I tried 6 diet plans before I found one that actually worked well. I will first try to help you know what to look for when seeking online diet plans to lose weight. Not knowing can cost you a lot of time and trouble.

Why all the confusion?

I must say that first of all most dieting information is a complete waste of time. These diets all promise you the sky but deliver very little. Here is my story, I was a typical male 25 pounds overweight with borderline diabetes. I needs to lose the pound to save my body. I will describe what I learned from trying 6 popular diets.

1. I suggest you avoid the popular diets. Weight watchers, South Beach, Dukan are all based on bad science and will not have you losing the pounds for long. What I discovered is that these diets are what is called hook diets. These are diets where you need to eat their food or are forever reliant on THEIR plan. Online diet plans to lose weight can cost you big time if you go with these diets. One of these popular plans told me they would basically be picking my food for me for the rest of my life! I SAY NO WAY!

2. The next important step is cost, I know that health should not take a back seat to cost but what some of these plans offered was ridiculous, I did the math and most of the popular plans will cost you about 2,000 dollars a year. They hook you with their recipes and cookbooks etc...

3. The most important aspect of picking online diet plans to lose weight is “Does it work” I can say that the diets all work a little in the begin but it is a bit of a trick. The weight loss is “false water weight” not real fat. This water weight returns quickly (less than a month). This is where they blame you for cheating and not following the dieting they outlined. At times they will even go further and say you did not exercise. My current diet plan works and I do not do any exercise.

After trying so many diets I learned how to lose weight by mistake. My Borderline diabetes diet was healing me and I lost 25 pounds without trying and eating what I liked. I did not know that blood sugar is the cause of belly fat in all people not just diabetics. As I healed my body the weight just came off on my diet plan. I learned how to do it and I am not stuck with the plan, they taught me how to lose weight and it is up to ME to keep the weight off. This I like!

My Online diet plans to lose weight is the Spirit Happy Diet and it worked for me, you can find your own diet or you can try the one I tried that worked. I cannot guarantee The Spirit Happy Diet Diet will work for you but it did for me. SEE HERE online diet plans to lose weight

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