Thursday, August 25, 2011

Diet for Diabetic Overweight: Should the diabetic diet battle the overweight issue first?

For those who have asked me should people diet to stop the diabetic or overweight problem first. (Basically I am asked which should people address first the diabetes or the weight problem) At this point I think we should take a look at how both affect the body. Obesity is horrible, it causes a host of problems in the body. A diet for Diabetic overweight conditions would be best but let's break it up into two for now.

Studies show that being even 10 pound overweight causes the heart to work harder. The heart takes a beating while beating(funny but true)

Any excessive weight is added stress to the body organs and this can cause you big trouble. That pain in the chest or shortness of breath is no joke. It must be taken seriously. If you are some what out of breath when walking up a flight of steps(without hurrying up the steps) it can mean the heart is not up for the battle. Often weight gain comes with clogged arteries and this a can also cause shortness of breath. The heart is an amazing creation from the Creator and we often take it for granted until it stops beating correctly. Fat also hurts you liver and kidneys. We could go on about the issues of weight gain but lets switch over to diabetes

Diet for Diabetic Overweight: Which to deal with first?

Diabetes is a whole different situation, here we are taking about an illness where high blood sugar damages every cell of the body, the powerful high glucose rips through the body and cause lost of legs, heart disease, damaged kidneys and impotence. There is diabetic comas and heart attacks. You simply cannot live long with this high glucose, it is the worst! Both weight gain and high blood sugar ruin the body but diabetes may be the worst complete illness of our time, the body cannot handle excess blood sugar . You must reverse it!

Diet for Diabetic Overweight: Which First? My diabetes diet does both, I lost 25 pounds without knowing it on my current diet. I also have a normal blood sugar for the last 7 months. So to answer the question I think to save your life you better get a normal blood sugar level fast! The people who lose body parts are those who wait and leave the high glucose in the system for too long.

My diet works for me BUT I do not know if you will have the same results. It is used by thousands in Europe

I cannot guarantee you will have the same results as me but it does work for me. Those interested can try it here CLICK HERE DIET FOR DIABETIC OVERWEIGHT

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