Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Borderline Diabetes Fingers and toes hurt: what does it mean when fingers and toes pain

What does it mean when fingers and toes hurt? With Borderline diabetes it means trouble for your body. It is important to know exactly what is happening in the body when the pain starts. Pain means that the body is starting to fail. This is what happened to me and I can say it means trouble. Borderline diabetes fingers or toes pain is a sign of nerve damage, it can be reversed but you have to act quickly.

The many readers of this site know it is set up to help you reverse diabetes without drugs, this is what I did with my diabetes. You do not need medications to reverse diabetes, I am living proof of this. Diabetic drugs almost ruined my heart and caused painful chest aches. None of the blood sugar drugs are safe, I know this as a fact. But what about when diabetes causes pain?

When pain starts in the body from diabetes it means the blood sugar is winning the battle for your body. With diabetes there is a battle for your body. High Blood sugar that kills the cells of the body.

What does it mean when Borderline diabetes finger and toes hurt? The message is that the nerves are being damaged by the blood sugar. Blood sugar must be dumped out the body or this poison takes over the whole body. Full blown diabetes can happen and this is when there is a higher level of Blood glucose in the body

The bottom line is you need to act fast to dump this crap out the body. Do not wait, each day this stuff sneaks through your heart,liver,kidney and cause them to fail after time.

It took me 1 year of testing different natural diet before I finally found the one that keeps my blood sugar Ac1 level normal

My Ac1 is 6.0 (normal) see my diet here. I do not know if it will work for you but it works for me

SEE HERE diabetes toes fingers hurt

Regardless of which diet you use..DO GO NATURAL. The medications are totally unnecessary. Doctors do not think you are going to follow to steps to go natural so they just give you a dangerous pill. I will try to report on my weight loss next time.

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