Saturday, July 2, 2011


I learned that a borderline diabetes diet needs to lose the diet soda only last year. It is one of the first lesson we learn when I started using the Spirit Happy Diet. I started the diet about six months ago and have lost good weight. My Ac1 levels are really great now as well. It is important to know what to eat when you are a diabetic. A borderline diabetes diet must drop the diet soda. Just this week it was shown in a study that diet soda actually makes you fat!

The facts: Here are the facts on diet soda, the chemicals in the soda react with the cells of the body to hold fat. In fact, diet soda causes the waistline to get larger! I have never been a fan of diet soda for diabetes. Blood sugar is not controlled by how much sugar you eat. Sugar does NOT cause diabetes. Diabetics are fooled into thinking that eating “sugar free food” means that their diabetes will be under control and this is a lie. I have a normal blood sugar now but I still watch it every week. A borderline diabetes diet must be built on healing the body, this is how I was taught on my current diet plan.

The diet soda makers have really feed on the ignorance of the people. They have pushed a poison product to millions of people who thought they were doing something good to lose weight. How bad is diet soda? The chemicals in diet soda was shown in a demonstration to take paint off of walls! Why would you put that in your intestines and your bloodstream? This is why people get fat on diet soda. Sugar is fine in moderation, there is no need for diet soda in the borderline diabetes diet or any diets.

My current diet may be seen here borderline diabetes diet

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