Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pre Diabetes what to eat: I have Pre diabetes what can I eat?

If you have Pre diabetes and are wondering what to eat I can say I have been in the same situation. Before I found out the truth about diabetes I was following the typical diabetic diet that really made no difference on my blood sugar. The typical sugar fee diabetes diet does not work.( I now have learned how to reverse diabetes without drugs). I looked in the fridge and thought “Pre diabetes what to eat?”

Afraid of Sugar: I was like all the other diabetics, I was afraid of sugar and thought that as along as I avoid sugar I would be OK. I was surprised to find that avoiding sugar did not reverse my diabetes. It wasn’t until later that I found out that sugar does not cause diabetes. My diabetes medication was also messing with me, I later found out that diabetic medications are not safe. I know keep a normal blood sugar without medication, my current diet has worked for 6 months with a steady blood sugar and Ac1 level.

The “Pre diabetes what to eat” Question was looking me right in the eye. First, I tried almost all the sugar free diabetes diets on the market and nothing worked. I still had an elevated blood sugar level, I tried the move from sugar to artificial sweeteners and still nothing worked. It was not until I started my current diet that I discovered that the true cause of diabetes is food chemicals. I learned that sugar is not the real problem. My current diet with the Spirit Happy Diet people is working, I have held a normal blood sugar for almost half a year. The Spirit Happy Diet secret is that they educate you on what really raises blood sugar and showed me how to reverse it.

I was about 20 pounds over weight when my blood sugar was discovered to be high, I am still slightly overweight. I am a food lover and will not stop loving food. I will not allow diabetes to stop my life. I am no longer asking the Pre diabetes what to eat question. I can say I have currently reversed my diabetes without drugs but I am still on guard. To those pre diabetic you can try the diet I use or you can try your own(It is up to you). The key is to make sure it is a healing diet.

My current diet here SPIIRT HAPPY DIET

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