Saturday, June 18, 2011

Legs feel heavy: How my diet helped me lose this problem

Those who read this site know that I started overweight with the legs feel heavy feeling. I am not so much overweight anymore. I was borderline diabetic with a high blood sugar. I have now managed to have a normal blood sugar for almost 4 month without medication. Most of you know I am using the SPIRITHAPPY.ORG diet and it is still working. “Legs feel heavy” is what I use to say when I got up first thing the morning and when I walked in the day but this has no disappeared “Thank God”

To the new readers of this site, I was about 20-30 pounds overweight with a high blood sugar (this causes high AC1 levels), I was put on various diabetes medications that nearly cost me me heart. I am now 100% against diabetes medications. This week another dangerous diabetes medication was removed from the market. The diabetes drugs are doing so much harm to the body. When I was first diagnosed as a diabetic I was sad, I hated the medications and they hurt my body. I turned myself into a human guinea pig as I tried different diabetes natural cures but nothing worked.

One of the key signs that the body is not working right is when the legs feel heavy. This is a serious warning sign. The heart is directly related to the legs, so this is a serious warning that you better lose the weight.

I am a food lover, I will never been completely skinny but I do want to healthy. What I did learn from my new diet is that I have more control than I previously thought. I learned that medication is not the only answer. It may be necessary to take medications for a short time for diabetes but do not stay on them. My diet has changed my life, I do not wake up “heavy” anymore

The right diabetes diet will help you even if you do not have diabetes. It will cause you to have incredible energy and you will reverse heavy legs. You do not have to be a diabetic to benefit from the right diabetic diet. My current diet works for those without diabetes as well as those with high sugar. I have not reached my weight loss goals yet but I am happy to have a normal blood sugar and AC1 level. My current diet can be seen here I can't lose weight

Have a great and healthy day

legs feel heavy

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