Saturday, March 26, 2011

Actos is horrible for Type 2 Diabetes diet .. Do not use it

I was once on the horrible Actos as part of my type 2 diabetes diet and it almost ruined my heart valve. As a borderline diabetic who has tried 4 different medications I can say they all will ruin your heart muscle. The side effects are deadly, trust me. I am just an average guy. When I discovered I had high blood sugar I was put on a Type 2 diabetes diet and Actos. This was before I learned you can reverse this illness drug free

Those who read this site know that I am reverse diabetes drug free and it is working. I have turned myself into a human guinea pig and have tried different natural cures. Some were OK and others were horrible. I will settle for nothing but a full diabetes cure. I am about 20 pounds over weight with a little belly. I am a regular guy who likes beer and pizza. I am not sloppy and I do not look overweight in my clothes(at least I don't think I do) I can tell you that you do not need this billion dollar drug.

My current diet has my blood sugar at 110 STEADY..when I started the diet I was about 140 fasting blood sugar. A type 2 diabetes diet does not need Actos or any other poison drug.
How I reversed my own diabetes (so far)

I am doing the Spirit happy diet thing for the last 6 week (about 7 weeks) and it is working well BUT I will not recommended it YET. Why? SO far it works well but I want to make sure my blood sugar does not come back up. So the jury is still out. I can say it does work as I have had a normal blood sugar on it for over a month and I am starting to be a believer but not yet. If Spirit Happy diet works for another 2 months only then will i recommend it. ( The Diet is at SPIRITHAPPY.ORG not .com)

Actos is not good, it blew my feet up and a test confirmed my heart had been affected. The doctor never told me I could reverse this myself. I will never take another diabetic medication they are all garbage.

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