Monday, March 14, 2011

Borderline Diabetes and the lie about being SKINNY

May people believe the lie that skinny people are healthy. Borderline diabetes and full diabetes affects people of all weights. I learned this and I get a lot of email from skinny people asking me the best way to reverse the illness. Many people tell me that they are very thin and still type 2 diabetes or have borderline diabetes. So,What is really healthy?

Skinny does NOT equal healthy and it can mean illness

We live in a world where our thoughts are influenced heavily by the media. Most people do not really know how much the media influences them. A recent study showed that people did not realize how much they were influenced in determining who was pretty,ugly,fat or success all from only 2 hours of television. (Image what a life time of television does to your mind!)

Hidden cameras showed that television determined who people thought was attractive.

Studies show that skinny people do not live longer and often have a shorter life span. Borderline diabetes is serious and it can shorten your life but it affects all people. I am overweight but nothing extreme, I have been reversing my diabetes naturally and it is working. I have a Blood sugar of 111 (down from 135) on the Spirit Happy diet, I am still trying this diet but I do like it so far

A Study from a University in Germany proved that Diabetes is about Impaired Glucose Intolerance NOT FAT and Skinny

What the German researchers discovered is that if you have a Glucose to Insulin problem you get diabetes regardless of Fat or Skinny. This problem is growing worldwide and we do have a diabetes and Obesity problem due to this. My current diet is healing my Glucose problem NOT medicating it. This is how I am reversing the illness drug free.

The Media loves to beat up on people who have some fat on the body. I am a very average guy and I love food. Yes I still eat pizza,cake,Ice cream and whatever I like. I learned it is how you eat and I learned how to eat chemical free. This is why I dropped all my diabetes medications and will never go back! This is why I have held a good blood sugar without the use of the medications. No more Metformin and Actos for me!

Borderline Diabetes and full diabetes is no joke it can help you end your life but the media lies about just get skinny is a lot of nonsense. Many skinny people are sicker than the heavy person. I suggest that people turn the television off or at least cut it down. Do not watch sitcoms they are brain garbage nonsense. They influence you and can give you low self esteem.

Here is a good read called Finding the missing ingredient in the Borderline Diabetes Diet

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