Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Doctors do not tell you about Borderline diabetes

One of the most dissatisfying things about Borderline diabetes is doctors who do not tell you it can be reversed without drugs. In my experience with this illness I have seen 4 doctors and was put on 3 medications.( I do not not use medications any longer and am holding a normal blood sugar with my special diet) Borderline diabetes is reversible with diet alone. I am currently doing it and it is working well. My first doctor gave me the news that I was Pre diabetic and he shook his head like it was over for me

The doctor said he was going to prescribe Actos and Metformin ( I later found out both drugs harmed my body and are dangerous). My blood sugar was about 135 and I thought I would be on these drugs forever. Later I learned that you can reverse this on your own. It was not easy because I also believed the lie about drugs. The doctor never mentioned this could be reversed without drugs. Often doctors have a set of answers that they give to a patient depending on what the illness is. They have a standard set of answers while you sit there powerless waiting for these people to tell you what is wrong with “You”

The Standard Borderline Diabetes diet and medications were given to me

He gave me the sugar free diet I sat silent and he wrote out medications. The medications blew my feet up and caused heart palpitations. The medications were setting me up for a heart attack. Doctors are just people, they are not the “Final answer..they are often wrong”. This is not Hollywood but your health and you have to take charge. I am not against doctors but I know that I know a lot more about Diabetes than many of them do. Do not fall for the T.V image of doctors, you can learn and heal yourself. Here is a good article on the key ingredient missing from the Pre diabetic diet SEE HERE borderline diabetes

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