Monday, March 7, 2011

Borderline Diabetes Diet ? Are you Fat like me?

DIET: I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes 3 years ago and I was fat. Are you fat? The reason I ask this question is because there are some people who feel that those with type 2 diabetes are a lazy bunch who sit in front of the television all day. I do love food and I am not going to act like I don't. My Borderline Diabetes diet adventure hit me when I was about 20 pounds over weight. A friend asked me “Are you fat?” I never really thought about it but I was not really that fat. I had a little belly but nothing that unusual.

The borderline diabetic did not stuff themselves with sugar,candy or fat. These are all myths. I can say that after taking many diabetic medications (all bad) I have learned to reverse my diabetes naturally and drug free. Do not let anybody put you down if you are overweight. The media is full of crap and so are most commercials. The ads show people who have never ever had a weight problem. They use models who have eating disorders of the other kind( throwing up after every meal to say thin). That is sick! My Borderline diabetes diet has helped me get health but many of these models are not healthy at all.


The media lie is that skinny equals healthy and this is bull! 3 of my good friends are professional models and they smoke to stay skinny..and do other bad things I will not mention.
Healthy is Healthy..there are 225 pound athletes that are extremely healthy and unhealthy 98 pound grown women. My Borderline diabetes diet is making me healthy and it helped me lose great way as well. Yes..and I eat what a want..which is a must for me. A new study revealed that a diabetic diet is great of those who are trying to lose weight. Here is an article on a study that showed the best way to drop the fat may be with a diabetes diet SEE HERE I can't lose weight

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