Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here Comes another Dangerous Diabetes Drug: and Why you should GO natural

Borderline Diabetes people and Full Diabetics take note that another Dangerous diabetes drug has been approved for wider usage. The Diabetic Drug Onglyza has been approved for those who have kidney and eye sight (renal) problems from diabetes. Why is this bad news for you? Drug companies make Billions more money if a Borderline Diabetes or Diabetic Drug can be prescribed for more complications.

Now you may think, I don't care how much money they make as long as I get healed. Alright but here are the fact..You won't get healed!

The Drugs will not heal and they will probably hurt you while the Big Drug makers get richer. Here is the truth about Onglyza and why you should NOT take it

It is horrible for lowering blood sugar. Readers of this site know we expose crappy medications. This drug was so weak it lowered blood sugar less than 3%! If your blood sugar is 180 this drug might get you down to 172(on average) STILL STROKE AND DANGER LEVEL.

Borderline Diabetes and full Diabetes can be reversed better than this with a natural”healing” diet. I have lower my Blood sugar more than this completely naturally (mor on this later)

The Info on this drug Onglyza gets worst: The drug fights ( very poorly) to lower blood sugar by ruining your immune system. It lowers your white blood cells while giving a weak blood sugar lowering. A diabetic needs a healthy immune system to fight of the poison blood sugar NOT a lowered immune system. Lowering white blood cells can open you up to cancer! I was once on these horrible diabetes drugs but NO MORE!

You can reverse borderline diabetes with diet( but it MUST be the right one!). Most diabetes diets have no real affect and healing. I have tried many and most are a waste of time. A Pre Diabetes Diet healing must be natural. I once were put on these dangerous diabetic medications but never again. I have been tested and my heart was affected.

Read this site and go natural! It is working for me
Here is the diet that is working for me so far, they are in 10 countries and it is working CLICK HERE
Borderline Diabetes

I will not go back to diabetic drugs, they are not needed in almost all cases

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