Friday, March 4, 2011

Borderline Diabetes Diet and Early Death from Diabetes

This week a news study showed that a Borderline Diabetes diet is critical to your survival of this illness. The New Study showed that early death from Diabetes is rising. What this clearly means is that having this illness means that your body is dying faster than the average person. A Borderline diabetes diet that heals is a must! The diabetic ages faster and gets more painful organ deaths.

Borderline Diabetic deaths: What High Glucose really does

High Glucose must be thought of as poison going through the body. All the cells of the body are affected by this. Diabetes is a painful disease. The Kidneys hurt..The feet hurt..the fingers tingle and hurt. All these body parts are being overtaken by the blood sugar. Think how hard you kidneys have to work to dump this sludge out the body. The kidney cause you to keep peeing to dump out the poison. Without a Borderline diabetes diet that heals you lose these kidneys. That means pain in the body. I have had high blood sugar and I never “felt right” The poison blood sugar was killing me.

This week the FDA admitted that people are not getting proper care for diabetes from Doctors. It is an amazing statement that we will do a future post on. What is plainly being said is that leave this illness up to doctors and you risk losing your life. The medical establishment is not stopping diabetes. The Charity are not doing anything but collecting money from runs and marathons. If you are not looking for your own Borderline diabetes diet you are wasting time.
The readers of this site know I heal my diabetes drug free(and it is working)

(I try different proven diabetic diets and report which work) So far I have lowered by Blood sugar to 111. I will give a diet about 4 months to see if it works. I tried 3 last year and all were not working. My current one is working so far, I need to test it more but it is giving me a nice blood sugar(so far).

What I am currently using ..working (so far) here Borderlne Diabetes Diet

This diet took 3 weeks before I saw any change and at week 6 I was really doing well. I will not give my finally approval until 2 more months. I have dropped about 20 points on my blood sugar (so far)

Regardless of which diet you do choose...make sure you get active and find one that works. You are welcomed to follow my progress on this site. I will list all the diets I have tried and which works best in the near future.

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