Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Diabetes numb toes: Borderline Diabetes warning of numb toes

I realized that I really had a blood sugar problem when my diabetes numb toes hit me by surprise. This was a clear sign that there were very bad things happening in my body. At the time I did not realize I was in danger of losing my toes.Diabetes numb toes is horribly dangerous...Numbness is sneaky. You may not even realize that you cannot feel your toes

This is Serious Business

How do you find out you cannot feel your toes? For me I was watching television one night and tried to remove my socks, it was weird because I touched my toes but could not really feel them. This is a very weird thing to describe. At first I was shocked but like most people I tried to dismiss it as my foot just falling asleep. Diabetes numb toes “IS” serious, once the nerves are really damaged you may have to have the toes removed. Now that I look back on those early days I was so ignorant of how powerful a constantly high blood sugar really is. I can tell you from experience do not mess around with blood sugar it can take your body apart

I am mildly overweight, maybe 20 pounds over my ideal weight. I am an average guy with no real history of any health problems. Diabetes can strike anyone “once the body is not producing good insulin”. Diabetes numb toes is always a sign that the body is not doing very well. Any flood of high blood sugar is a sign that damage is being done to the kidney, heart, and reproductive system. Currently there are no medications that reverse the foot condition.

I am using the European natural Foot cure diet and it has taken away the numbness

SEE HERE Diabetes toes numbness

Those who follow this site know that I am reversing my diabetes drug free with diet alone. I have turned myself into a human guinea pig and experiment with different natural diets, I will accept nothing less than a cure. The current diet I am using is working well

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