Saturday, February 26, 2011

Heal Borderline Diabetes Naturally: Why I do it with diet alone

I have learned to heal borderline diabetes naturally without drugs. It started 2 years ago when I experienced some really bad side effects from diabetic medication. I say side effects but in fact the drugs were close to giving me a heart attack. I discovered the drugs did some really bad things to my body. It took me a while to learn this. To Heal diabetes naturally probably saved my life.

What the drugs did to me: I was told that I was going to get the “Safe” diabetes drug called Metformin. I thought that this was fine because at this point I thought that it was totally naturally to take drugs to deal with my blood sugar problem. I am a little bit over weight and I am no body model. I am an average guy who loves food. I did not know that I could heal diabetes naturally. I received very weird results with Metformin. I had low energy and “just did not feel right” I was told by my doctor this was normal “side effects” There was that word again “side effects”. Doctors say it like it is nothing but it is a big something. To heal diabetes naturally started coming strong to my mind.

I will go into my Metformin experience in a future post. It is an eye opener! I was given Actos which blew my feet up like balloons. I was told by a different doctor this was a common "side effect" (Here was that causal word again they used). I found out that when a diabetic drug blows up the foot it means the heart water balance has been affected. This is the same side effects of the diabetes drug Avandia that caused direct heart attacks. Healing diabetes naturally became my quest. I have lowered my Blood sugar from 131 to 111 on my current diabetes diet, it is working (so far). I have experimented on 4 diabetes diet in the last few years. I will report on all that I have tries in future post.

The one that is working “so far” See here borderline diabetes I have been on it really for about 3 months. It is working but I want to try it longer, so I am not going to recommend it yet but it has been working ...”so far”

I have turned myself into a human guinea pig. I am going to try to find the best way to heal diabetes naturally. I will not go back to drugs, I will only go natural. Readers of this site can follow my progress on this site. I will put up more numbers on my progress later.

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