Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Poverty Borderline Diabetes Diet Link: What does you Borderline diabetes diet look like?

Borderline diabetes Diet/Poverty link: Poverty is now one of the leading warning signs of who will become Type 2 Diabetic. What this confirms is what I have learned about this illness. It is a disease that is “Giving to you” legally from a polluted food supply. If you are a type 2 diabetic let this sink in. There is a borderline diabetes diet link to poverty. The Food-makers dirty cheap chemical filled food garbage is deposited in the poorest neighborhoods and they make a huge profit.

You see, the poor are actually the best people to abuse. They are often under educated and assume that the Government would outlaw something that caused health problems. Why would the Government allow a company to put something on the shelves if it were dangerous? Often the poor think this way. I remember a friend who could not get yoghurt in his very Hispanic neighborhood. He would take a bus to a middle class neighborhood to get yoghurt.

The borderline diabetes diet poverty link is confirmed by USA Government

Here are some very telling Poverty Statistics from the USA Government
The better-off neighborhoods of New York have rates of diabetes of less than 3 percent. In the wealthiest area, Manhattan’s Upper East Side, with a population of about 206,000, the rate is 1 percent or less. In East Harlem, directly north of the East Side, the rate among the neighborhood’s 106,000 residents is a whopping 16 percent, the highest in the city
Upper Manhattan 3% jumps to 16% Spanish Harlem only 15 blocks away!

I bet they have yoghurt in Wealthiest Upper Manhattan...What do you think? How do the Rich eat a borderline diabetes diet?

The poor have often suffered because they are not educated about nutrition. Food manufacturers drop the food garbage chemicals in Poor neighborhood's and make big profit.
The Food garbage makers have spread their “goods” into the middle income and Upper income neighborhood's seeking more profit. Greed did not stop with the poor.

The Difference is the most educated(usually in the better neighborhood's) can spot the garbage and do not buy it as often. But the garbage is spreading to all neighborhood's and this is why 79 million have pre diabetes. A Borderline diabetes diet must heal but the poor are the least likely to find a healing diet.

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