Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Diabetes without Drugs: Why I decided to reverse diabetes without Drugs

Yes, I have been reverse Diabetes without drugs. I have turned myself into a human guinea pig due to the fact that I like my heart and I know there is not one safe diabetes medication as of this writing. I will also mention my experience with diabetes drugs and what the reaction was. I am completely convinced that diabetes can be cure naturally. Diabetes without drugs was the only solution for me. Here is one of my experiences with a drug.

Actos: Blew my feet up like balloons!

I asked my doctor what had happened and he said that it was a common thing and maybe we could adjust the dosage. I thought ….Hmm..”a common thing” Upon my research I discovered what was happening in my body, these were the same side effects as the dangerous diabetes drug Avandia that caused direct heart attacks! Why was I put on this dangerous medication as a pre diabetic? Was there no natural ways to reverse diabetes without drugs. I was not pleased with the doctor's “No big deal attitude” which was basically “this is so common” He never told me that the water balance in my heart had been disrupted. The word side effects means so much more than doctors reveal.

I started discovering the dangers of medications and I was surprised to find out how many people were just like me who hurt themselves with medications. The word side effects is so common we do not think “danger”. My “side effects did affect my heart and further research confirmed this. Diabetes without drugs became my goal and it has been working. I have brought my blood sugar and AC1 down and I am holding steady without any medication. I am still making great adjustments and healing well.

Way back at the beginning of 2010 I found an article that helped me in my baby steps towards healing my body. It helped me from the beginning. It woke me up..maybe it will be your wake up call? Here is the article that started my walk to go natural See it here DIABETES WITHOUT DRUGS

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