Monday, February 21, 2011

Borderline Diabetes Diet: All you need to know about Borderline Diabetes diet

As a person who has tried many borderline diabetes diet those who read this site know that I will give it to you straight. First, most diets for the diabetic is a waste of time plain and simple. Very few will make a difference in your life. If most diets worked doctors would have reversed high blood sugar long ago. I will tell you what does work. First a Borderline Diabetes diet must “heal” and this is what 99% of these diets cannot do.

Currently I have been to so many doctors and not one has helped me “heal” diabetes. Here is why? Doctors do not heal they medicate. It is not their fault they are trained to medicate and they are darn good at it. As for their diabetes medications “Heck NO” Diabetic medications do harm to the heart in a big way. If diabetes drugs worked why are there 79 million people with high blood sugar? Common sense shows blood sugar medications do not heal. A Borderline diabetes diet can “heal” and this is what I experiment with. I am do well also, I am lowering my AC1 and circulating blood sugar all naturally.

The failure of the blood sugar medications have lead to 2 major drugs being recalled. It is one thing to know that diabetic medications do not cure or heal but they also “CAUSE” heart attacks. So it is clear to me that medications were not an option. A borderline diabetes diet that can heal is what you are looking for to reverse the illness. Here is an article about the diabetic feet but it can help you also find out how to heal... see it here borderline diabetes diet

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