Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diabetes Painful Feet: What does painful feet mean?

Diabetes painful feet? Is a common problem for the diabetic but is it must be reversed or we lose the feet. Here is the plain truth, as that damaging blood sugar spreads through out the body it does some really horrible things to the body. This is why I emphasis that you use a reverse borderline diabetes diet. It is not good to leave this damage in your body. Diabetes Painful Feet leads to the feet being cut off. This is one of the worst part about having this high blood sugar damage.

How the feet are lost: It is important that you think of high glucose as a filthy damaging virus that must be removed. It fact it is just this! Why? Look at what it does..The Glucose sweeps through the body and ruins the cells. What is the result? The legs may be cut off or the feet but lets talk about the feet. First you will be experiencing tingling in the toes. This is one of the scary warning signs that the feet are on the way out. Diabetes painful feet are horrible so at this point you must think...Reversal! If left untreated you may also experience red dry or flaking

I have suffered from Borderline Diabetes and those who read this site know that I am a human guinea pig and that will not use medications. But what I have discovered is that you really can reverse diabetes without medications. I often try different diets and will report to you which really worked well. But more on that next time. Here is a good article that was on google health news front page. It is from Midland Daily Newspaper, it is an excellent article on diabetes PAINFUL FEET CLICK THE BLUE LINE

The article above is not really just for us battling diabetes but I feel it is excellent on the feet, I have been writing a lot lately so spread this on Twitter(at top of page) and other places.

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