Saturday, February 19, 2011

Top of foot pain: How to Stop Pain in Top of Foot

Weather you have diabetes or not Top of foot pain is affecting many people. It is not only uncomfortable but also very dangerous. The danger lies in the fact that for the diabetic it can mean the feet may eventually be removed if the blood sugar is not lowered. The longer the blood sugar remains the more damage that is done in the body. Top of foot pain without diabetes is also very serious,it can mean living with a daily throbbing pain. You can lose the ability to walk.

Losing the ability to walk freely is a shame,it is horrible when you cannot run or walk down a couple of blocks without feeling this stabbing pain in the feet. Waiting is where many people end up losing the feet, if you are not diabetic and have foot pain you must realize the message that the feet is sending. When the feet hurt it means that the tiny nerves and vessels are being damaged. Pain is always a sign of more serious problems to come. Many seniors have lost the ability to walk due to Top of Foot Pain.

When the pain is in the top it means that the small vessels are stressed or damaged, the top of the feet are the most sensitive and tender, it is critical to reverse this pressure before a life time of deep pain takes over the body. There is no medication that can reverse this but there is FREE information from the Midland Daily News that has been reversing Top of foot pain

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