Saturday, February 19, 2011

ENJOY Late night snacks for the Borderline diabetes diet!

Many Borderline diabetes diets do not include late night snacks, as for me I MUST have late night snacking. I am basically an expert on eating (because I love it) I also am a human experiment that proves you can reverse Pre diabetes without medication. I will discuss that later in this post. Late night snacks are some of the greatest pleasures on earth. I encourage diabetics to have late night snacking.

I have witnessed many who deprive themselves of food only to eat more later. I would advice you to never deprive yourself of food. The many reason is that it will not work. You will end up angry or just plain upset that you cannot eat. Here are the facts in regard to eating at night. Studies show that these little trip in the midnight hour can ruin your diet and cause weight gain but is this really true?

late night snacks weight gain: True or false? On this site I try to cut through the bull and gives you the plain truth, and the truth is eating at midnight is great and will not ruin your borderline diabetic diet. Bad studies in Mice lead people to believe that eating at night causes weight gain.

THE MYTH PUT TO THE TEST: If you want to test how a human will react the closest you can come to is with a Rhesus Monkey not a Mouse.

These test with Rhesus Monkeys are usually extremely expensive so often scientist will use a mouse instead. The mouse test revealed “mice” who are night creators gained weight with late night snacks(mice stay up at night).

Then in 2006 Science did a “real” test with Rhesus Monkeys who sleep at night just like us.
The results revealed that humans just like Rhesus Monkeys DO NOT GAIN WEIGHT FROM LATE NIGHT SNACKS. Here is the conclusion of the study

“We've all been told at one point in our lives that we should avoid eating meals late at night as it will lead to weight gain. However, our research in rhesus monkeys, which are considered an excellent model for studying primate (man and monkey) obesity issues, showed that eating at night is no more likely to promote weight gain than eating during the day”

Judy Cameron, Ph. D., a senior scientist in the Divisions of Reproductive Sciences and Neuroscience at the OHSU Oregon National Primate Research Center

ISN”T THE TRUTH GREAT? Enjoy your late night snacks! I have been reversing borderline diabetes without medications( I will not take dangerous diabetes drugs) I will be going into this more on my next post. This will be the only site you ever need if you have pre diabetes

( Here is a good article on how they lowered the level for what is borderline diabetes SEE HERE borderline diabetes

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  1. I am with you on the love of eating late night, but as a recently diagnost diabetic I need to know what is is the best foods to eat late (9pm or later) at night. Please let me know and what are the facts behind it.