Saturday, February 5, 2011

Borderline Diabetes or Pre Diabetes? Is there a difference? YES!

I am often asked if borderline diabetes is different from pre diabetes. I am going to shock some people here and say that YES they are different. I know people will say of course "NO...they are not different" but I am going to give a different spin on this. A lot has changed in the diabetic world since the we received a new name for those with beginning high blood sugar. The term borderline diabetes was popular for most of our lifetime. The term pre diabetes is relatively new.

What was consider a borderline level in the 90's is no longer the same today. What is consider “Pre” is actually lower than what it would have been in the 90's. So even though the term are the same, many who are considered pre diabetic today would not have been labeled so in the 90's. What happened was that the level considered “borderline” was too high. People though with high blood sugar thought they were OK because they were not labeled “borderline” but they were not OK.

Blood sugar problems started to soar and we have crisis today. Doctors realized a lot more people were in danger than they had previously believed. The numbers were lowered making those at risk more aware that they were not safe and that they were now “pre diabetic”
Regardless of what it is called Borderline diabetic or Pre diabetic it is a serious warning that you better do something fast. The diabetes crisis is in full affect! See this here type 2 diabetes diet

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