Monday, January 31, 2011

The Spirit Happy Diet gains 20,000 followers: What it really means to you

The Spirit Happy Diet for Diabetes announced 20,000 followers in just 6 months this week. We first reported on this diet back in April and it did have a very sound foundation to help a diabetic. I will use this post to touch on the importance of what this diet did last year and what it is doing this year. Medications use to be the only choice for diabetics. What the Spirit Happy Diet 20,000 followers reveal is that there are many people who are turning to natural healing.

This is great news!

In 2010 it was a bad year for the diabetes drug makers. Avandia was pulled off the market due to it causing heart attacks and death. What a horrible thing to experience. Imagine going to your doctor and being told you have a high blood sugar. You are a little scared about being a diabetic. You experience the horrible thoughts of sticking yourself with a needle everyday. Now the Doctor tell you to take this drug..WHAM! The drug slowly attacks the heart and caused a painful heart attack or death. Your family has lost you. This is why I feel the Spirit Happy diet is so popular. People are taking control and are seeking another way to heal the body.

We with high blood sugar have allowed doctors to give us danger drugs for too long.
People are looking for a better way to manager or if we are lucky cure their diabetes. Do not believe for a second that diabetes cannot be cured. It can be cured and many have reversed type 2 diabetes without medications. My joy is that people are seeking a natural cure for their blood sugar problems. This is great news. Spirit Happy Diet picks up 20,000 followers? What it means to me is people are taking charge of their lives and not waiting on diabetic medications that have not cured anything over 70 years

The diet may be seen here Spirit Happy Diet

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