Friday, January 28, 2011

A Bad Diet does not give 26 million people Type 2 Diabetes and Borderline Diabetes

A Type 2 Diabetes Diet and Borderline Diabetes diet must heal; before we speak of this it is important to realize that a bad diet did not give 26 million in the USA diabetes. Common sense alone will tell us that something else is happening. When the AIDS epidemic exploded it took a long time before people realized something really scary was going on. A simple bad Diet did not give 26 million Type 2 diabetes and Borderline Diabetes.

I use the AIDS analogy because high blood sugar is the biggest health crisis since AIDS. We have had scares with Swine flu other infectious diseases but the Blood sugar crisis is completely different. This is the biggest health crisis since AIDS. Diabetes was largely ignored for the last 30 years due to the fact that people felt those with Type 2 Diabetes were just lazy,fat or having no self control. It is easy to dismiss an illness that people “gave to themselves”

SO THE CRISIS SPREAD to our Brothers,Sister, Aunts and suddenly it was not just the fat slob neighbor but our family

The problem is that the “Blame the Fat Pig attitude ” is just wrong. The Type 2 Diabetes diet and Borderline Diabetes crisis can be traced to food chemicals not living in McDonald’s

There is something rotten in the food and it is one of the biggest cover ups in Food Manufactures history. It is clear that the food has been damaged. What passes as food today would have been called garbage just 40 years ago! This site will attempt to reveal to the people the lie of big Pharmaceutical companies and the Food manufactures.

DO not believe their lying labels and American Diabetes Association label lies. The American Diabetes Association is a billion dollar organization that milks money from Manufactures who put the ADA label on their food. This fools people into think the food is healthy. The Type 2 Diabetes Diet and Borderline Diabetes Diet crisis is not your fault.

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