Monday, January 24, 2011

Metformin for Borderline Diabetes is not good

It is common to start with Metformin for Borderline diabetes or pre diabetes This can cause a lot of trouble for a new diabetic. Studies now show that the right healing diet can actually work better than Metformin without the dangerous side effects. I would advice that it is better not to start on Diabetes medications. Diabetes drugs are dangerous and they do not heal anything. Metformin for Borderline diabetes has been shown to cause health problems in the body

One of the major dangers of Metformin is that fact that it takes Vitamin B 12 from the body. This is dangerous if you have high blood sugar. Why? If you have high blood sugar it means that you can lose you feet or legs. This happens as the nerves of the legs are ruined by the blood sugar. High Blood sugar must be viewed as a poison in the bloodstream.

This is proven by the damage that it does to the organs of the body. If you allow the high blood sugar to sit in the body it will ruin the body. Now this is where diabetes medications can do you serious harm. These medications often cause heart failure. 2 Diabetes drugs were removed recently from the market because they do much harm and are not safe. Metformin for borderline diabetes takes the Vitamin B12 which is need for the nerves.

Without the B12 you do more nerve damage to the body. You can lose your legs without the B12 to help the nerves.

There is no need to play with your health, Science has revealed that you can reverse Borderline diabetes without drugs or medications. Diabetes medications have never reversed diabetes and they cannot do so. The method that they use to work ruins the heart. You are getting into deeper health problems with these drugs..AVOID them. Studies recent showed a natural diet has reversed borderline diabetes without medications and it is used by many people now. It may help you.

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Avoid Metformin for Borderline diabetes and Stay drug free

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