Thursday, May 13, 2010

Diabetes without Medication for the borderline diabetes problem

It is important to realize that you should reverse borderline diabetes without medication. A recent studt revealed that a new diabetes medication that will be released to the public causes tumors in the body. As a person who fights boderline diabetes it is important to realize that this is a very dangerous disease but that it can be stopped naturally. One of the keys to reversing borderline diabetes without medication is the avoidance of everything you were taught before.

As an example the first thing a doctor will tell you is to stop using sugar. Then you switch to some fake sugar substitute that can never reverse diabetes. Actually the use of sugar substitutes makes your health worst not better. Diabetes without medications and drugs is the only way to reverse this illness.

A recent study revealed that sugar substitutes were causing people to get very sick. Actually one can of diet soda was shown to change cells to cancer cells! This is from one can of diet soda and it is incredible!

A former friend of mine is a shell of his former self and looks horrible (I will never tell him this as he knows it). He was a big drinker of diet sodas and diet Snapple when he was diagnosed with diabetes. He thought he was doing the right thing like millions of borderline diabetics. A borderline diabetic must reverse diabetes without medication or anything artificial like diet soda. Many people are discovering the horrible things that diabetes drugs and all artificial substances are doing to the diabetic’s body. Next time we will go deeper into the ways that the diabetes drug companies ruin your body.

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