Friday, February 26, 2010

Treatment for type 2 diabetes better include this!

Treatment for type 2 diabetes has been based on a lot of myths and this is why the illness is spreading. One of the most important things a pre diabetic can do is to get the right diet. Ths blog is about real healing, cutting through the nonsense that has hurt the diabetic and pre diabetic. Treatment fo diabetes must include sugar. Now as a health researcher I have studies diabetes and seen the healing of this disease many times. The only diet that i do recommend currently is the filmmkaer Collin Camino's pre diabetes diet. Why? It is balanced and you can eat whatever you like. see here

Now on the issue of sugar, this is a vital and important part of the diet. I have seen many who have eliminated sugar from their diabetes diet and have become weak and sickly.

Why? sugar
Unfortunately because an excessive of sugar in the blood can be a sign of diabetes it is assumed that sugar causes diabetes. An elevated blood sugar can be damaging to the circulation and the blood vessels. This is why many diabetics lose their fingers or toes. This is also responsible for the tingling in the fingers and toes. Studies show that sugar does not cause the elevated blood sugar. Treatment for type 2 diabetes must be based on results! see below

A study published in Diabetes Care (April 2003) re-confirmed that sugar does not cause diabetes. In this study, researchers analyzed data on nearly 39,000 middle-aged women. It was found that the amount of sugar ingested after 6 years had no impact on who would get diabetes.

This is one more reason on this blog we recommend the diet of Filmmaker Collin Camino at the link above. it is balanced and it works.

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