Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Borderline diabetes is a message that you may be dying

The sad truth is that borderline diabetes is a poison glucose in the bloodstream. If this is not handled quickly it can lead to you losing the use of your body. Often diabetics will have to have their legs removed due to this poison. If you have pre diabetes you must recognized that there is not a lot of time before the organs of the body breakdown.

It is critical at this point to move quickly to reverse this illness and remove the poison

Medications for diabetes are very dangerous. Actos and other diabetes medications have been known to destroy the heart and kidneys.

The best defense against borderline diabetes is to quickly find the right diet. It is critical to get the right diet. There are so many diets available that the pre diabetic must choose the right one.

Many of these diets may tell you to avoid, sugar, fat, and more but the problem of diabetes has become worst since these diabetes became popular! The reason these diets don't work is because they do not heal the source of the problem which is the body not making insulin. A borderline diabetes diet must heal this to reverse diabetes.

There is a filmmaker who has been stopping type 2 diabetes and borderline diabetes.

I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS DIET YET BUT WILL REPORT BACK ON IT LATER This diet has been helping people in an amazing way because it heals the root cause click here to see the filmmaker's diet that has been helping people

The time is not on the side of the pre diabetic they must find the right diet immediately. There is no time to wait. Remember that there is a killer poison in the bloodstream that does not stop.

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