Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reverse Borderline diabetes

To reverse borderline diabetes it is a must to heal the insulin problem. There are only a few diabetes diets that can actually cure a diabetic. Most of them are a waste of time. I have tried so many and basically none worked. The only one that is working for me ("so far" I will report back on this later) is the one by the filmmaker. see it here reverse diabetes

I think that the diabetic to really reverse diabetes and reverse borderline diabetes must start taking it more seriously. I have known diabetics who have become very comfortable and have accepted the pain. They are in pain and they monitor their insulin but they are not willing to try to cure or reverse borderline diabetes. I am different, I feel that you must take an act part in your own healing.

I went through so many different diets but again they all failed. The Spirit Happy diet is different, I like that i can eat what I want and i am reversing diabetes. I wrote last time that i would try some other diets and review them here but it Spirit Happy diabetic diet is working so I am not looking to stop it reverse diabetes

To those with a high blood sugar like I have (use to have?). It is important to fighyt back before you lose the fight. I think I found my new diabetes diet because I am not afraid to go for it and save myself. I hope that you have the same fight in you to reverse borderline diabetes

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